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If your dryer takes long (TWO FULL CYCLES) for the clothes
to dry, then STOP using the dryer and call us —
it is a sign that your vent system is possibly clogged.
Don't Wait for an Emergency

Even though your machine is working fine now, this does not mean that you should ignore the need for the dryer vent cleaning as recommended. A lot of benefits come with the cleaning, such as: the drying time, saving energy and general fire safety. Do not hesistate to call us sooner if you feel your dryer is taking too long, we will respond promptly.


• Anytime a dryer has been serviced or repaired, it is best to not run the dryer until the vent system is taken care of.

• Considering purchase of a new dryer/appliances? Feel free to contact us and we would be glad to give you guidance and recommendations on the best product for your needs.


• There are many companies who may try to position themselves as having the same type of experience, service level or state of the art tools that VTVenTech has. Please beware. If you are pricing and searching for a dryer vent cleaning or service, you may want to consider the provider's familiarity with code compliance, efficiency, safety, added value due to additional information that helps you benefit from the service long after the technician leaves. We have been in this business well over 40 years with hundreds of 5 star reviews as this is our specialty. Our number one goal is looking out for our customers.  

Benefits of VTVenTech Service
  • Reduce Fire Hazards

  • Reduce Drying Times

  • Conserve Energy

  • Extend Dryer Life

  • Lower Utility Bills

  • Reduce Allergies

  • Dryer Venting Customized to Your Home